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Fashion Muses introducement

With an office full of men (4 to be exact), you can imagine how terrible it was shooting for our Eindhoven reppin’ Eeden sisters, who are introducing their muses in collaboration with us.
Below you see:

The sexy, seductive and playful Ruby is being captured beautifying the funfair.

The explosive, creative and free-mind Phoebe wreckin’ up da place.

The elegant, enchanting and glamorous Victoria lighting up the stairs.

If you can connect the right video to the right girls name, you get a free coffee at our office and you can safely conclude your IQ is somewhere between Einstein and us.

Adobe Lightroom

We were invited by team Lewis to shoot for world famous Adobe. They were running a campaign for Adobe Lightroom to highlight some new features and so we were asked to follow Instagram-famous photographer Claire Droppert on a shoot throughout Rotterdam. Check out the result:

TOPS Luchtfilters

Nico, proud owner of TOPS, is an energetic innovative and smart man who is looking to grow his companies internationally. He realised that creating interactive videos for his website would help seed his purpose of creating meaningful personal engagement and professional service with his customers.

BenQ Europe

We can proudly say that we’re the preferred partners of BenQ Europe. We can honoustly state they’re a great organisation with evidently great personnel which is willing to listen to us (youngsters) on how to improve even more.


Creating content for others is very rewarding. Happy faces, good vibes and tears of joy come from great work, but sometimes creatives such as ourselves need to get into the nit of things and create some work of our own.

Since we’re all Eindhoven grown, we reached out to companies in our surroundings creating our very own Culture Series, depicting what we stand for as men, as a business and most importantly as a culture.

Brand we work with.

What clients say about us.

De heren van MG-Productions zijn professionals die hun vak goed verstaan, aan een half woord genoeg hebben en de wensen van ons, maar ook die van onze opdrachtgevers omzetten in kwaliteit!
Jola Jansen

Sr Project Architect, CONNEXX

Ik werk nu al een paar jaar met Michael en Jesse. Wat ze uniek maakt is dat ze de kwaliteit
Van hun filmwerk steeds hoger maken. Ze zijn geweldig om mee samen te werken!
Thijn van der Linden

Managing Director, Right Brained

MG-Productions in een paar woorden: creatief, flexibel en samenwerkend. Keer op keer weer vertalen ze de behoefte van de klant in een hoge kwaliteits productie. Ze zijn ongetwijfeld onze voorkeurspartner.
Saidou Blindenburg

Strategy & Concept, Blue Brick Media

MG-Productions heeft onze bedrijfsfilm gemaakt in een kort tijdsbestek. Ze begrepen meteen wat de kernwaardes van ons bedrijf waren en welke boodschap we wilden delen met onze (potentiële) klanten.
Mark van Tuijl

Sales Executive, Van Gennip

Behind the Scenes. 

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